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The history of Restalia Holding started more than two decades ago, when I was very young and very eager to take on the world. My professional career began at a time when American fast-casual concepts were making their way to Spain. I started out by running a pizza place that was part of a chain. I ended up running twelve. I even held three franchises of that chain. But then the market slowed down and the business did not thrive, so I became unemployed. As it is usually the case in a time of crisis, there were two paths to follow: going down or rising back up. I took the second path and decided to become an entrepreneur in 2000.

I first carried out a pilot project in a small 19sqm retail unit, offering customers a cozy dining experience with just one type of product and one single price. One hundred “montaditos” with bread hot off the oven at 100 Spanish Pesetas, with ice-cold Cruzcampo beer and a setting recreating one of Seville’s traditional tabernas. The concept of 100 Montaditos had just come to life. My success at this small location made me think about the kind of business model that would best suit my restaurant idea. And so, I came up with a franchising model that I then tested in different areas around the country.


After much learning, the 100 Montaditos brand consolidated and a magic journey began for what is today Restalia Holding, a company comprising six fast-casual restaurant brands (100 Montaditos, TGB, Cervecería La Sureña, Pepe Taco, Panther Organic Coffee, and DPM), with more than 700 locations in 13 countries. They are all representative of that entrepreneurial spirit I was driven by more than 20 years ago.

Innovation and continuous daily improvement remain a significant part of our DNA, strengthening our position as social brands for consumers and a guarantee of success for franchise holders through a non-cyclical and resilient model based on a single-capital business project.

Today, above all, we offer business opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to shape their own destiny. We offer them the possibility to join a sound business group with a time-tested model that will let them grow and fulfill themselves with us by their side.

José María Capitán,

Founder and CEO of Restalia Holding

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Restalia Holding

Restalia Brands has created and developed five revolutionary fast-casual concepts that have translated into more than 700 business units in more than 10 countries in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.