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Pepe taco

Pepe Taco

There’s a new place where you can have a good time with your friend, at a good price, with genuine Mexican products in street food format: Pepe Taco.

pepe taco
pepe taco

What makes Pepe Taco

Pepe Taco democratizes Mexican cuisine with an offering priced to suit every pocket. Now you can enjoy tacos at your leisure. Pepe Taco has a simple menu inspired by Mexican taquerias at very competitive prices.

pepe taco
pepe taco

The success
of the concept

Who can resist good tacos and ice-cold beer?

Good seasoning, ice-cold beer in a glass, a carefree atmosphere where the essence and tradition of Mexican food coexists with national produce, and quick and respectful customer service set this new brand apart. Success is guaranteed.

Pepe Taco is the place to be with your friends, eat with your hands, enjoy yourself, and have a great time.

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