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Our beginnings date back to 2000, when José María Capitán embarked on the restaurant business world and opened 100 Montaditos. His first location was a small 19sqm space that created a unique experience with only one product and one price: 100 “montaditos” with bread freshly baked on the premises at 100 Spanish Pesetas apiece, with ice-cold beer and a setting recreating a traditional taberna of Andalusia.


Opening of the first 100 Montaditos

The first 100 Montaditos location opened in a space of barely 20sqm in Islantilla, Huelva. It was the start of a visionary plan with a smart cost base that would quickly become all the rage among consumers.

Apertura 2000

100 Montaditos opens its first franchise in Badajoz, Spain

Building on its initial success and barely a year after the opening of its first location, our pioneering business franchise model expanded outside Andalusia.

Apertura 2001

100 Montaditos lands in Madrid

Following its success in southern Spain, 100 Montaditos arrived in the capital city of Spain to stay. And so began the expansion of an unstoppable, largely replicated fast-casual model throughout Spain.

Apertura 2002

50 openings of 100 Montaditos in Spain

Already a household name in Spain, 100 Montaditos exceeded all growth expectations by far.

Apertura 2005

Launch of the Euromania promotion

With the sweeping success of the “montaditos” chain, José María Capitán revolutionized the concept of dining by launching the Euromania promotion, a never-before-seen initiative that won a legion of devoted fans.

Apertura 2008

100 Montaditos grows by 13.4%, while all other operators drop by over 30%

The economic recession hit everyone hard, particularly the leisure and hospitality industries. But the non-cyclical business model of 100 Montaditos meant that the brand grew by 13.4%, while all other operators registered a drop of over 30%

Apertura 2009

Opening of the first Cervecería La Sureña in Spain (Huelva)

In the same province that saw 100 Montaditos take its first steps, José María Capitán opened its second franchise model: Cervecería La Sureña, the most imitated dining model that changed the city's concept of drinking a beer with its affordable buckets of small beer bottles.

Apertura 2010

Opening of the first 100 Montaditos in Midtown, USA

The unprecedented success of 100 Montaditos in Spain encouraged the company to cross the ocean and settle down in the US, where it would enjoy the same amount of success with its Andalusian-style locations.

Apertura 2011

Testing the biconcept (two brands, same space)

The biconcept is Restalia’s innovative action for the fast-casual market. The coexistence of two of its brands within the same space to satisfy both consumers and franchise holders with a larger leisure offer and better operation.

Apertura 2012

Opening of The Good Burger

Our “montaditos” and mugs built the appetite of a company that knows no boundaries. In 2013, The Good Burger challenged traditional hamburger chains with a quality offer at more affordable prices.

Apertura 2013

100 Montaditos continues to expand internationally

The international expansion plan continued. We set sail for Mexico and Guatemala, and also opened up in Porto. By then, the company had more than 350 locations around the world.

Apertura 2014

Grand double opening of 100 Montaditos in Italy: Turin and Naples

The company strengthened its presence in Italy, where its flag was already flying in Milan and Rome. That same year, the company set up its offices in Rome to provide better support to its locations in Europe’s “boot”.

Apertura 2015

100 Montaditos arrives in the capital city of Panama and Paraguay and exceeds 300 sites globally

The opening of our locations in Panama and Paraguay not only marked the arrival of Restalia’s flagship brand in Central America, but it also meant passing the 300-location mark worldwide, a milestone for the company, which was nearing 1000 locations at the beginning of the year—an enormous achievement in less than two decades.

Apertura 2017

TGB opens its 100th location

TGB went international for the first time and arrived in Rome, Italy.

Apertura 2018

A step forward: Neodining

Always a forward-looking company, Restalia developed this concept as a response to the new needs of both consumers and entrepreneurs, creating more flexible, agile, and dynamic business models. Parallel to the launch of this new model, the first Panther Organic Coffee opened up in Seville, Spain.

Apertura 2019

Simultaneous opening of the first Pepe Taco locations in Spain

In 2020 Restalia launched the latest among its revolutionary concepts, Pepe Taco, and simultaneously opened its first three sites. Embracing the single-price model once again and without neglecting quality, the company introduced a new concept in Mexican food and an innovative selection of refreshing and surprising cocktails.

Apertura 2020

Launch of Restalia Holding

In 2021 Restalia implemented a new business structure designed to boost company growth and diversification: Restalia Brands, Restalia Delivery, Restalia Retail, and Restalia Franchise Consulting.

Apertura 2021

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Restalia Holding

Restalia Brands has created and developed five revolutionary fast-casual concepts that have translated into more than 700 business units in more than 10 countries in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.