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The franchise is positioned as the best way of developing your own business with the guarantee of a tested model and the support and service from an experienced central franchisor. Grupo Restalia has made it possible for a large number of small investors to become successful entrepreneurs in recent years.


Innovation is in the DNA of all Restalia brands. Each is original and has revolutionised the way people go to restaurants.


The Restalia brands are countercyclical. They are designed to adapt to economic shifts and survive social transformations.


A team of professionals help our franchisees get their business up and running. Once opened, each location is assigned an advisor who will provide support from the initial training phase on.


At Grupo Restalia free information sessions are organised in all large Spanish cities which can be attended by future franchisees. These sessions will provide you with detailed information about the concepts of the brand, the keys to success, the services and the support that Restalia offers its franchisees. Furthermore, you will discover all the economic information regarding investments and the profitability of the franchises, as well as the characteristics of the restaurant and the steps prior to opening. Choose your city and book your place. We’re waiting for you!



Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have any other questions that do not figure here.

We’d be delighted to help you!

Do I need prior experience in catering?

No. If you do have previous experience, you’re more than welcome, but Restalia has a proven, agile and simple business model available for you and we offer complete training and an operations manual, plus you’ll have the constant support from our Operations Department. Likewise, we give you all the available means so that you are able to continually optimise the development of your business.

Who finds the establishment?

The best locations for you are selected by our property team, made up of professionals with vast experience in the sector. If you have an establishment, we will consider its suitability for the business.

When do you pay the initial franchisee fee?

At the point when you sign the franchise pre-contract and the candidate becomes a franchisee.


Will Restalia help me with the renovation works?

Our technical department (with our engineers and architects) coordinates everything regarding the works on the establishment, providing you with as much help as possible during this process. The works are undertaken by authorised builders who will complete them in time and as agreed.

Does Restalia offer financing?

Grupo Restalia, by means of its team dedicated to this purpose within the Finance Department, offers you guidance about the most suitable type of financing for you and the entities through which you can get this. Moreover, you can access this with advantageous conditions thanks to our agreements with the main financial bodies for which we are a guarantee due to the proven viability of our businesses.

How long does the franchise contract last?

The contract lasts for 10 years..