Restalia Group is a leading company with six different brands, each one of them created with a unique personality to meet and satisfy our consumers needs. Every brand of the group sets a trend in the market both nationally and internationally. Moreover, they are based on neo-catering and smart cost success factors.


Restalia is the leading Spanish multinational catering group, with presence in over 13 countries and 300 cities worldwide. Since the creation of Restalia in 2000, the success of 100 Montaditos, Cervecería La Sureña and TGB have favoured this multi-brand company’s international expansion in Europe, the United States and Latin America and which now has over 600 restaurants worldwide.

Neo-catering is a revolutionary concept in the catering industry since it has been a turning point in the type of franchising that we knew until now. Society currently needs constant innovation, versatility, flexibility, reasonable prices and excellence, which is why neo-catering meets those consumer demands.


Successful brands

Restalia is a multinational group which creates innovative and disruptive brands that set the trends at worldwide level. Six brands currently form part of the group, all of which have a strong personality and were created to meet our customers’ demands: 100 Montaditos, TGB, La Sureña, Panther Organic Coffee, DPM and Pepe Taco.

Smart Cost

Since quality should not be in conflict with price, the Restalia Group provides maximum quality at reasonable prices. Through a simple and fast operation with adjusted costs, we can provide a safe option for our franchisees and investors with a very attractive single price for our customers.


The Restalia Group is characterised by the speed in its operations, innovations, purchasing processes, marketing, company structure, delivery model and ability to respond and adapt. We do not depend on any investment group to make decisions, which is why the company adapts to market demands on a daily basis.

Low-cost construction work

The Restalia Group offers investments below 200,000 euros and fast construction that is ready within three weeks. Moreover, as a result of the integration of energy advances such as self-regulating energy-efficient lighting and low-cost smart air conditioning, the franchisees’ investments are controlled.

Multi-purpose premises

We create cross-functional brands since all our brands can be swapped at a low cost. Thanks to scalable spaces which can be adapted to any of our brands and with premises that provide high profitability per square metre, the Restalia Group offers franchisees the possibility of changing brand if they deem this appropriate.

Operating leases for franchises

The Restalia Group has revolutionised the franchise industry, providing operating leases to its franchisees for only 100 euros per day. Thanks to the facility agreements with the country’s main lenders, the franchisees can form part of the company with exclusive financing conditions in the market customised for them.